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Author:  MAXO [ Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:56 am ]
Post subject:  MAJOR GAME UPDATE

Hey guys ive been playing this lowrider game since i was younger, ive had some ideas i wanted to share to see how interested the community & Druid (The Great Originator) would be too take this game a little further.. my whole idea is based off of aspects in GTA san andreas.. assuming this game still runs on unity, i have read that the playing field will not be able to be as large but the graphics should be able to hold up really well.. there are tons of graphic models online for classic car models from plenty of pc games.. if we can convert these files to unity we should be able to apply several new vehicles to the game.. now im not a modder but theres plenty of tutorials online to give us an idea of what we are working with including rim and building textures.. this is just an introduction really i plan to post screenshots with examples of a few playing fields for hopping..
i also was thinking maybe a small map something like VICE CITY would be cool so we can have cruises... and tons of more ideas.. its really going to bring the users back to this site like i remember so many people would be online at one time but i dont see that anymore.. if you guys have any ideas or want to contribute any graphic models please post the link thanks guys.


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