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Version 8.6 update
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Author:  druid [ Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:00 am ]
Post subject:  Version 8.6 update


Lowrider Car Game Update:
The game has been updated. (Same version from the beta)
Updates: I added 2 options on the top right of the game
1. Enable/Disable textures (Murals)
2. A-Arm extension (Adjust how much you want the a arms extended)
I also enabled challenge monitoring in the game. This will automatically check if you have a new challenge and allow you to go to it directly without having to reset the game.

--New Mural/Patterns feature.
Version of 8.6 includes the pattern/mural feature. To access it you will need to go to your car page which is also new. There is also a new Rival system, but that is still not completed and will be reset when it's done. Currently only car model 1 can have a mural on it. To try it out follow the steps below:
1. Login and go to:
2. Click on Paint on the right side next to your cars.
Download one of the templates:
Reference Pictures:
Car1: Blank, Outlined, PSD
Blank = A blank file
Outlined = A blank file with the outline from the car so you can determine where the patterns/murals will go.
PSD = A photoshop file already setup with different layers for the outline and a blank layer.
(I would use this if you have photoshop, just draw it out on the blank layer and use the outline as a guide then delete the outline layer and save it as a png)

If the picture is a jpg it will not be transparent. If you make it a png or gif it will be transparent and will show the cars paint below the graphics.

I'll try to make a tutorial for this soon.

3. Upload your picture somwhere and type in a url for your patterns and press submit.(The current price is 12 dollars. The final price will be 12,000)
I may let people upload there textures to the site instead of giving me the link it makes it harder cause you have to find a host for the picture.
4. You can go back to this page to change the texture later at no charge for the model.
5. Login to the game to see your new texture.
The textures are also visible in challenges when other people challenge you.

You can view other peoples car pages if you add ?user=USERNAME to the end of the mycars.php address.

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